Justin Hodgson discusses “Contours and Implications of the New Aesthetic” Wed. Oct 12th at 4:00pm

RWL Speaker Series is pleased to invite Justin Hodgson, Assistant Professor of Digital Rhetoric at Indiana University, to speak on Contours and Implications of the New Aesthetic 

When/ Where: Wednesday, Oct. 12, at 4:00 p.m. in the Arts and Architecture Building 111


The New Aesthetic, a term coined by James Bridle, refers to the blending of our virtual and physical worlds. In his talk, Professor Hodgson will focus on the New Aesthetic as not only a collection of postdigital artifacts, but also as an awareness aesthetic. He will show how the New Aesthetic calls attention to the postdigital tendencies in our relationships with our technologies, our acts of mediation, the systems and protocols for producing particular computational representation, and the human viewpoints that frame those considerations. Finally, he will trace the contours of a New Aesthetic and use them as a guide to the rhetorical practices of working creatives in a digitally-saturated culture.


Justin Hodgson is an assistant professor of digital rhetoric in the Department of English at Indiana University Bloomington. He is the founding editor of The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects (TheJUMP), co-coordinator of the Indiana Digital Rhetoric Symposium, and a graduate of the Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design doctoral program at Clemson University. His teaching, research, and service interests concentrate on the intersections of rhetoric, technology, art, and culture.

All are invited to attend!