Essay Collection Published

book cover Amy J. Elias’s and Christian Moraru’s co-edited collection The Planetary Turn: Relationality and Geoaesthetics in the Twenty-First Century was published in April 2015 by Northwestern University Press. The book jacket, featuring a painting by Jered Sprecher (UT, Painting), describes the book as “A groundbreaking essay collection that pursues the rise of geo-culture as an essential framework for arts criticism” and continues that “The Planetary Turn shows how the planet—as a territory, a sociopolitical arena, a natural space of interaction for all earthly life, and an artistic theme—is increasingly the conceptual and political dimension in which twenty-first-century writers and artists picture themselves and their work. In an introduction that comprehensively defines the planetary model of art, culture, and cultural-aesthetic interpretation, the editors explain how the living planet is emerging as distinct from older concepts of globalization, cosmopolitanism, and environmentalism and is becoming a new ground for exciting work in contemporary literature, visual and media arts, and social humanities. Written by internationally recognized scholars, the twelve essays that follow illustrate the unfolding of a new vision of potential planetary community that retools earlier models based on the nation-state or political “blocs” and reimagines cultural, political, aesthetic, and ethical relationships for the post–Cold War era.”